Tina P
Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, Tina Pittman. A voice like that only comes around a few times in a lifetime, and with the world waiting for the next icon,.


Go Tina P/After Love Walks In (EP)

After Love Walks In (EP)

Tina P After Love Walks In the EP

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1. Whip It 1:06
2. Cant Stop Lovin U 1:21
3. Tell Me Baby 1:21
4. Be A Fool ft. Hollywood Luck 1:08
5. Nothing Better Than Us 1:29
6. Roll Dat Nookie 1:21
7. Tell Me Baby 2:40

About Album

AfterΒ making her debut on SingersRoom with new video β€œWorkout,” Tina P returns with pop influenced banger β€œTell Me Baby.” The fun engaged visual kicks off with multiple switch scenes of couples showingΒ loveΒ to each other. Tell Me baby displays Tina from a colorful perspective showing diversityΒ inΒ her sound, look andΒ love. Off her recently released project β€œAfterΒ LoveΒ WalksΒ In,” Tina P is bringing RnB back to its original form, the feel, the sound and the style.

Artist: Tina P
Label: Omen Agency
Release Date: 17-2-2017
Genre: R&B
People: Hollywood Luck, Jirou Street, Black Nicholson