Tina P
Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, Tina Pittman. A voice like that only comes around a few times in a lifetime, and with the world waiting for the next icon,.


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Work Out

Work Out

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1. Be A Fool 3:36
2. Work Out 3:02
3. Cant Stop Loving You 4:54
4. Mini Skurt 2:58
5. You Got Me 4:08
6. Greedy 2:09
7. Give It To Me 3:02

About Album

Pittman comes out the gate blazing with new video “Work Out” off her latest project. Kicking off with great eye candy for the ladies and guys, Work Out is a perfectly balanced video with just enough sex appeal and class combined to showcase Tina’s talents. Set on a college campus, each scene covers every aspect of the concept from basketball to football and weight training. The cinematic angles and great scenery of the video hypnotizes you yet keeps the song as the focal point. Work out is gaining more buzz almost hitting the 15k mark for views while it establishes a solid reputation for Tina P., and serves as the catalyst to her next phase of stardom.

Artist: Tina P
Label: Omen Agency
Release Date: 1-7-2016
Genre: R&B