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Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, Tina Pittman. A voice like that only comes around a few times in a lifetime, and with the world waiting for the next icon,.


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Yes,I’m a Country Girl and I’m proud of it.If you’ve never experienced Mississippi than you’re totally missing out. Growing up in Mississippi was the best! Maynor Creek Water Park was one of my favorite places to go with my Family. The funny thing is,I love getting in the water, but I could not swim which is hilarious.So,I would mud crawl right at the edge with the tiny babies lol. The water wasn’t clear at all,it was dirty and brown. I hated the lily pads though.They were the absolute worst when it came to fishing if you wasn’t fishing by boat. Every July 4th we would have our Family Reunion at Maynor Creek Water Park,not only on my Mother’s side of the Family,but my Father’s side of the Family as well. There would always be singing no matter what,on both sides.The grownups didn’t know when to end it,we would sneak away to get downhill  to the water and have some fun.So,if you are ever in Mississippi with your family and you like to fish or camp I suggest you go visit Maynor Creek Water Park. It’s great for making fun memories with your Family.